ECUS is Planetside 2’s premier harasser outfit, which operates on all three factions, but mains on TR on the Emerald server. Lead by Fodollah, ECUS’s primary goal was to enjoy the harasser as the most fun vehicle in the game. Fodollah saw the harasser as a Knight and his battlefield the Chess game. He brought his Chess tactics and strategies along with his vehicle combat skills from battlefield games starting with 1942 to the Planetside 2 Harasser experience. On September 27th, 2013, ECUS was born.

Following the epic harasser nerf of December 17th 2013, ECUS continued to develop strategies to improve driver and gunner cohesion while still adapting to and re-learning the new harasser and also adapting the new harasser to previous and new combat scenarios. Harasser combat has never been the same and ECUS harasser crews are known across all factions, and servers worldwide for their contribution to the vehicle game: On Emerald, as the only outfit pulling harassers, they forced armor and aircraft players to improve their situational awareness and encouraged sunderer/support players to watch their back. In addition, ECUS has released countless videos and guides demonstrating how viable and effective the harasser can be, in the right hands, regardless of the epic nerf from 2013.

In August 2014, Fodollah created the /r/harasser subreddit to serve as a community meeting place and resource for harasser aficionados across Auraxis.

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