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ECUS Enrolment Form

Postby fodollah » Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:56 am


Welcome to ECUS - EKUS - EQUS - The Last Steel Legion

We are the original Harasser outfit and home of the Emerald Vehicle community. We leave the simpler things like capping points to infantry plebs. Our Teamspeak and vehicle squads are open to anyone who wishes to play with us casually regardless of skill level, but to get ECUS tags you have to prove you are a fit for our community. We have created a very friendly, loving family here and if you are a fit, you will be invited.

Requirements: Love Harassers; love tanks, love ECUS, love Liberators and Kazoo horns. And most importantly, you must understand and adhere to our Policies on Battle Comms and Teamspeak in general.

Server: Emerald 99% Connery NC 1%.

Faction: We play all factions regularly. Come join us on all 3 why don't you.

Here's some ECUS history...

For over four years, ECUS has been a leader in the vehicle combat community on the Waterson, now Emerald server. To this day, ECUS, continues to teach interested maniacal players to be the best harasserbators they can be.

ECUS created the reddit harasser and armor communities:

In 2016, ECUS was featured in a Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS) article about Planetside 2. Hey Mom! We're famous!

We also do the youtube thing. Check out some channels from our most dedicated videographers:


Our original Recruitment video is still the greatest masterpiece I've ever created.

Hop on teamspeak at or and remember to familiarize yourself with our communities regs which we're very serious about. Here's that link again for you: Policies on Battle Comms and Teamspeak in general.

Long live Planetside 2’s vehicular combat game!

Welcome to our community.

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